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Monday, 10 January 2011 00:00

Nowadays sustainability for both old and new buildings becomes more and more important. Therefore non-destructive test methods are of high interest. Non-destructive test methods are used for quality control of construction materials, inspection and analysis of materials and structures and are used for continuous monitoring of large building structures.

However, non-destructive testing is the business of Smartmote. Main objective of Smartmote is to transfer findings and experiences from research of many years to practical solutions. Smartmote develops hard- and software solutions and thus fulfils the demands for non-destructive test methods in the field of materials testing and civil engineering. The methods include experimental acoustic emission analysis, impact-echo-techniques for quality control and building inspection, ultrasonic for the determination of setting and hardening of materials, wireless sensor networks for structural health monitoring or georadar for building inspection. We also offer a large spectrum of different services using these methods.

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